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Where art meets nature

Stills And Blooms - 3D Resin Flower Preservation

Tears dry, smiles fade but memories last forever

Welcome to a world where cherished moments are immortalized in exquisite detail.

At our resin preservation studio, we understand the transient nature of emotions and experiences. That's why we're dedicated to transforming the beauty of tears shed and smiles shared into timeless keepsakes.

Whether you're seeking to capture the essence of a heartfelt occasion, find solace in times of change, or simply want to hold onto the magic of a fleeting smile, our artistry in resin preservation promises to encapsulate the intangible.

Join us in preserving the stories that truly matter.

Funeral Flowers.jpg

Designed by nature,
preserved for you.

Preserve your Memories

We preserve one flower, a bunch or a whole bouquet as well as non-flower items such as corks, jewellery, cake toppers and laminated photographs.


Please arrange to hand deliver your order or arrange a courier.

Flower Bouquet


Preserve your wedding bouquet or buy as a wedding gift! We can create one large piece or several pieces to share with your family.

Flower Arrangement


Preserve a lasting memory of your loved one. With choices of all shapes and sizes, we can make one or several resin casts to share amongst family and friends. 

Flower Cake


Celebrating a special birthday? Why not remember your special day by preserving your birthday flowers in resin or give as a beautiful gift.

Baby foot with flower.jpg

New Born

What is more special than a new born baby! Cherish your memory as they grow up fast. We can cast flowers, booties, pictures and any other non-flower items with flowers to create a memorable keepsake.

Animal Kingdom_edited.jpg

Pet Memories

We all love our pets, so what greater way to remember them than to save a lock of their hair and have it set on a bed of rose petals.

Non-Flower Items.jpg

ordering is simple...

Choose, enhance, order

  1. Choose the correct 'Service' and decide which shape you would like based on size and budget. If you don't see something you like, just let us know and we will do our best to source it!

  2. Any questions please get in touch

  3. Submit the Order Form - Before any order is accepted you must read our Terms and Conditions

  4. Receive Your Quote: After we receive your booking, we'll provide you with a confirmed price.

  5. Delivery Arrangements: Once you accept our quote, simply arrange for your flowers to be delivered either by hand or courier

  6. Leave us to dry your flowers and get creative!

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