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Franchise Opportunity

If you are looking to purchase a franchise then look no further than Stills And Blooms Franchise Ltd.

We are looking for like-minded compassionate people, who may have experience of running a business or this might be your first time. 

You don't have to have a creative background but you do have to have a passion for people and flowers.  You will be creating lasting memories to capture people's special occasions whether that be a new born, pet, birthday, anniversary, wedding or the passing of someone special. 

If you are someone who can resonate with grief or celebration and all of the emotions that go with this, then this could be the ideal business. 

Stills And Blooms will hold your hand from training to set up, to sales and marketing through to taking your first order and expanding! Our aim is to get you up an running with confidence.

To express your interest in becoming a Stills And Blooms Franchisee please get in touch with 

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My Story

I started my career in the travel industry and spent many years exploring the world before I then settled in London where I started my career in recruitment for the travel industry. With my passion for helping people I quickly established my name in the recruitment sector and for the following 18 years I was a specialist C-Suite recruiter specialising in many different verticals. I then set up my own business, Robus Business Concierge Ltd which helps and supports business owners with streamlining and growth of their business.


In 2020 my dad sadly passed away and I did all I could to save his beautiful funeral flowers, but failed as I had no idea what I was doing. I then spent the next 3 years self-teaching myself the art of resin flower preservation and now run a successful business in West Sussex.  Understanding the want for people to deliver their flowers and personal items to me in person, I quickly understood the need to start expanding so everyone in the UK has access to a Stills And Blooms specialist who can help with their keepsake. 


If you are looking for a new and exciting franchise opportunity please get in touch. Let's connect!

Haywards Heath, West Sussex 07966 763 767

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