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Terms and Conditions

All our work is hand-made and tailor-made.  There are two main processes involved with flower preservation which mean your flowers and resin piece will not be perfect but it will be unique to you.

We are extremely open, honest and realistic about the process and what you can expect.  Please carefully read our terms and conditions and only tick to confirm your order once they have been read and you are in full agreement.

We strongly advise contacting us in writing before you place your order, should you have any concerns or questions. 


The Process:-

Ordering – Only orders submitted through the Stills And Blooms online order form will be accepted All alterations must be sent via a new booking form and will not be accepted through other forms of communications as these can easily be missed.

Payment - Full payment is required within 4 weeks of your booking and is due as soon as your order is acknowledged and accepted in writing by Stills And Blooms.  Outside of 4 weeks a £50 non-refundable deposit is required in order to 'save the date'.  Last minute orders are subject to availability. Payment details are as follows:- Stills And Blooms - Lloyds Bank, Account number 79109260, Sort code 309950 or cash to be paid in full upon delivery of flowers.

Refunds - We will not refund your deposit, this is because we can only work with a certain number of orders at any one time and cancellations mean loss of earnings and loss of product cost to fulfil your order.  All preservation pieces are custom made and therefore non-refundable.  Imperfections are not considered as faults.

Delivery – It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that flower and non-flower items reach us in the best condition and must be hand delivered and collected or posted through your own courier arrangements. The onus is on the customer to ensure that the correct flowers’ and non-flower items are delivered to us directly. We do not take responsibility for any loss or damage to your flowers by a third party.

Do not deliver flowers to us that you may want returned un-displayed, these will not be returned. Any non-flower items will be returned if they aren’t used in your resin piece. Your flowers may be collected and dried by any one of the Stills And Blooms team and we assure you they will only ever be handled by an experienced pair of hands.

We will only accept the right amount of flowers for your order as we don't have storage for additional flowers.

Flower Drying - It is extremely important to note that during the drying process flowers will likely change colour, shape and may shrink. Surface finishes can also become matt in appearance and some flowers can darken.  It is at our discretion and down to our experience to know which flowers will complement the overall visual outcome.

Resin Process - It is extremely important to note that during the resin process flowers can change colour and shape. Small breakages can also happen as your flowers at this stage are dry, however the upmost of care is taken when placing them in the resin.  Resin is a strong adhesive that heats up once poured, therefore a reaction to your flowers will likely take place. White flowers will often turn brown, any flower can lose their depth of colour and some can even turn very dark. We do not take responsibility for flower and non-flower items placed in to resin as this is out of our control. Some flowers such as Lillies and Orchids can become translucent at this stage as they are being placed in liquid. Non-flower items, we strongly advise only giving us copies of photos and items that you don’t mind potentially reacting with the resin, we have no control over this.

​Visual Display - We endeavour to meet order requirements however this may change depending on the outcome of the initial flower preservation and it is left to our discretion to adapt the visual display.  This may mean that not every flower is included in your display if we feel this would compromise the visual display.

Results - Every single flower is processed in exactly the same way using silicone crystals and high quality resin.  From the same bunch no two flowers are the same and whilst we will always do our upmost to preserve your flowers to the highest standard, we do not take responsibility for poor results due to the age, condition, moisture, variety and colour of your flowers. The earlier you can deliver your flowers to us the better the results.   

Moulds – Our moulds are not 100% symmetrical or straight and can slightly distort due to the weight of the resin and flowers.  Its common to expect inward or outward bulges due to the weight of the flowers and/or resin.

The Finish - ALL our pieces are hand-made so there will be always be imperfections such as bubbles in the resin, uneven resin surfaces, visible resin layers, flowers protruding, bumps in the resin, uneven edges and tea-lights not being central. No two pieces are the same, no resin pieces are perfect but every piece is treated with the up most of care.

Replacement Flowers - We will only work with your original flowers, we do not source replacements unless you supply them to us. We do not offer a colour touch up service.

Time Frames – Resin pieces can take up to 6 months from receiving your order as we need to factor in busy periods, product ordering delays, holidays and sickness and fine tuning your piece once its out of the mould which is all done by hand.  We do not work to date deadlines and will only release your piece when we are 100% happy with the finish. Its in our interest to finish your piece as quickly as we can, however we never allow time to compromise the quality and finish of our work.

Additional Notes:-

-Your preserved flowers are perishable and over time there can be a further changing of colour, shape and texture. We strongly recommend not placing your finished resin piece in direct sunlight.

-Resin can change colour over time, we pay extra for really good quality resin but resin can still be effected by light.

​​-We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of your flowers whilst in our care due to fire, storm, civil disorder, loss of electricity, flood, mechanical failure or any other event beyond our control.

-Any discrepancies must be notified within 24 hours of receiving your finished order. We do not take responsibility for items that are handled by a 3rd party which may be lost or damaged. 

-Agreed prices include flower drying, handling non-flower items and full resin process.

-Our studio is home based and we have a very friendly medium size workshop dog called Ossie.  If for any reason you don't like dogs please let us know in advance of visiting the house so we can ensure he is out of your way.​ It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to advise any 3rd party friend or family who are delivering and collecting flowers that we have a dog and to let us know if you would like him to be kept out of the way.

-From placing your order prices may increase due to the varying cost of supplies such as resin. We will advise you in writing ahead of your order if prices do increase and reserve the right for up to a 10% increase without the option to cancel.

-We reserve the right to take photos and use them for our social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. If you do not agree to your flower pieces being used on social media, please notify us in writing ahead of work commencing.

-It is your responsibility to deliver flowers to us and collect. Hand collected orders are placed in the brown collection cupboard at the bottom of our drive. This enables you to collect when you are ready.

-By ticking the box to confirm you have read our terms and conditions means you completely agree and fully understand the risks and imperfections involved with all of the resin flower preservation processes.  Please do not go ahead with your order unless you are 100% happy. 

If you require a service that retains the colour and shape of your flowers we highly recommend

Summary of potential imperfections:-

-Resin – Bubbles / Bulging / Visible layers / Imperfections / bumps / shape / flower exposure / long term colour change

-Flowers - Colour fading / darkening / translucent / matt appearance / shape changes / small breakages / Perishing

-Non flower items - Reaction to resin i.e ink may fade/smudge / jewellery may react

-Overall visual display - This may change depending on which flowers are good to use and available space

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