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  • Do I have to book in advance?
    We strongly recommend booking in your flowers, however we do appreciate some events can be last minute so simply get in touch and we will always do our best to fit you in. A 25% deposit is required to 'save the date'.
  • How soon do you need to receive the flowers?
    The sooner the better! The fresher your flowers are when they reach us the easier they are to preserve.
  • Will my preserved flowers look the same as the original flowers?
    Moisture is extracted when you preserve flowers. This does mean that there can be colour and texture change. The results will depend on the variety, condition and colour.
  • How long does flower preservation take?
    It depends on your order requirements, however generally between 2 - 12 weeks.
  • Can I add non floral items?
    Absolutely! We can add small touches such as a laminated photo, cork, jewellery, tiara, cake topper, booties, biscuits and other small items which we will discuss with you prior to starting your commission.
  • Can I preserve just 1 flower?
    Of course! We preserve anything from 1 flower to a whole bouquet and everything in between.
  • How long will my preserved flowers last?
    They will last years and years so long as you treat them well. Ensure not to display in direct sunlight as the light can distort the clear resin.
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