Delivery Details

Stills And Blooms will only accept delivery of your flowers if pre-booked via the booking form on my website or via email

A lot of our clients use Royal mail fast overnight services to get their flowers to us

If you are close by you are welcome to deliver your flowers to me by hand and appointment only.

To be sure that your flowers arrive with me in the best condition possible it is important to pack them well for their journey

  1. You will need a box, kitchen roll, tape and a pen. DO NOT spray your flowers with water but if the stems are exposed wrap some damp tissue paper around them.

  2. Make a soft bed of scrunched tissue paper to place your flowers on within the box. For small additional items such as corks, button holes, photos please place in protective case such as small box or envelope and place under the flowers.

  3. DO NOT add any heavy objects or water containers that could crush your flowers.

  4. Carefully layer more scrunched up paper above the flowers to ensure they are encased securely.

  5. Please enclose a covering letter with your contact details, confirming your order along with a list of items included in the box for example Bridal Bouquet, 4  x Sunflowers, Bunch of Flowers, 1 Photo or 1 bunch of flowers and 1 Cork.

  6. We recommend sending a whole bouquet so we have flowers left over if some don't react to the preserving process. We don't have space to hold additional flowers once work has been completed so will be returned in the delivery box if possible but this is not always guaranteed depending on the state of the flowers. 

  7. Seal the box up using tape, making sure that your flowers and items are fully protected and nothing can fall out.

  8. Label the box with our address and telephone number:- Stills And Blooms, 76 Penland Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1PH 07966 763 767 and ensure to write KEEP UPRIGHT on the box.

  9. The most convenient way for you to get your flowers to us is to post them to us using Royal Mail, if you decide to do this please be sure to take them to your local post office before 3:00pm and send them to us on a fast overnight service or you can arrange online .

  10. Delivery costs from Stills And Blooms to our lovely customers will depend on the size and weight of the item and location and must be pre-paid before being despatched. Items can be collected in person, boxed and posted via Royal Mail or Courier, we will ensure to post the resin item back to you the quickest and safest way. 

  11. Stills And Blooms will not be held responsible for 3rd party handling of the resin pieces and photos will be taken once packaged to show quality of each piece and its packaging before posting item.

  12. Courier delivery costs will be calculated and payment must be made prior to posting.

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